Jobs, Opportunity, & The American Promise

In a city as great as Houston, it's devastating to know that our district is 30th in household income in the state, and one of the poorest in the country.

$7.25 an hour is NOT a livable wage, but due to inaccessibility to higher education and training for better jobs, many of our neighbors are caught in a funnel of poverty. We have to create a liveable, reasonable minimum wage which increases with inflation. There is no reason to have this debate every ten years.


Education is the key to all opportunity, and we owe it to our children to give them every opportunity to succeed.

It is inexcusable that some schools in our community struggle to provide the education that every child deserves.

Today, there are 4 schools in Texas that potentially may be shut down due to being deemed "Improvement Required" (IR). 3 of those 4 schools are in District 18. This is unacceptable.

We need to provide adequate funding to all of our schools so they can hire good teachers, provide quality support from the state, and implement effective support programs for students. We need to reevaluate our basis for standardized testing to ensure that schools are tested fairly.

It is essential that we implement trade courses in high schools, so students who don't wish - or can't afford - to go to college have the opportunity to find a decent job after high school.


Providing access to affordable healthcare to everyone in our community is vital to the success of our city.

Currently, 20% of our neighbors live without healthcare. I plan to implement a fair, affordable, and optional healthcare plan which will allow everyone the opportunity the be covered. No one should be denied the opportunity of healthcare simply because they can't afford it.

Flood Mitigation Infrastructure

We're all to familiar with flooding issues in Houston. It's time to build a safer community so that...

no one has to live in fear of homes and livelihoods being destroyed each time it rains.

In 2001, Tropical Storm Allison flooded our community. We had the Tax Day Flood in 2016, the 2015 Memorial Day Flood, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Each storm shut down our city, and forced people from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and a bag full of all the belongings they could gather. We've passed a bond, and some money is slowly coming to our community, but that’s only a fraction of what’s needed. I am prepared to work relentlessly with members of congress to bring the money our region needs for long term flood mitigation infrastructure.


I plan to implement a comprehensive reformation on immigration, including ...

providing a sensible path to citizenship, restructuring asylum and visa programs, providing support to neighboring countries, and funding technologically modern solutions for border security.

-We need to offer a viable path to citizenship for all DACA, DAPA, and TPS immigrants, as well as their immediate families. Then we need to dramatically reevaluate our pathway to citizenship to ensure it is a swift, fair, and manageable process. The sooner we accomplish this, the sooner we end the conflict of illegal immigration.

-We need to work with the countries from which immigrants are fleeing, and get to the bottom of why they are leaving. If we can support them, and work to improve quality of life, people will be less likely to risk their lives to enter our nation.

-We need modern solutions to modern issues. Simply pouring billions of dollars into a wall will not bring the issue of immigration to an end. We need to implement the most up to date technologies for safe, reasonable, and effective measures of keeping our border secure.

Gun Reform

Every year, an average of 36,383 people are killed as a result of gun violence, and another 100,120 are injured.

As easy as it is to let our minds go to mass shootings, the simple fact is that gun death and injury is just as detrimental on an individual level.

22,274 people die of suicide by gun each year, the next highest being intentional homicide at 12,830. We need to implement the following steps to ensure the safety and quality of life of our citizens:

-Review red flag laws

-Require background checks for every firearm sale

-Ban weapons of war

-Require and ensure safe gun storage

-Close the "boyfriend" loophole

-Require waiting periods for firearm purchases

-Provide and promote firearm education and safety

-Provide support services for people impacted by gun violence